Who we are

Family Spectrum is a registered charity that was founded on 12th October 2004.

The activities of Family Spectrum are headed by Willie Patterson who retired from the post of Assistant Director for Family and Child Care at the end of March 2004, after more than 30 years working for Causeway Health & Social Services Trust, NI, to set up this ministry.

The motivation for this arose from his experience over many years of being regularly asked to provide a Christian perspective on the range of family related issues and to advise or become involved in complex situations.

Willie Patterson
BSc (Soc Admin) (N.U.U), Diplome en Sociologie (U.L.B), Diploma in Applied Social Studies (N.U.U), Certificate in Advanced Social Work (Management)(Q.U.B)

Willie has for many years been involved in providing pastoral care for individuals and families within the context of a local fellowship and is currently one of the eldership team in The Barn Fellowships, Ballymoney, NI. Willie and his wife Hazel have also undertaken similar work on behalf of other fellowships in respect of difficult pastoral situations. Willie has provided both consultancy and training in the areas outlined above, integrating biblical revelation and a thorough awareness of the problematic dynamics of difficult family-based disruptions. Willie has had opportunity to provide similar input through travel to Christian ministries in Ireland, Russia, Kosova and South Africa, and through consultancy to ministries in Sri Lanka. He has contributed to the Salt and Light Pastoral Training Programme in the area of child sexual abuse, and taught the Pastoral Care course at Belfast Bible College in the past. He has developed a course called ‘Grasping The Nettles’ which tackles a large range of difficult pastoral issues including sessions on Adultery and Marriage Breakdown, Pornography, Promiscuity, Child Sexual Abuse – dealing with safe congregational practice, pastoral care for those abused as children, and management of offenders in the congregation – Divorce and Remarriage, Same Sex Attraction, and Mixed Marriage and Reconstituted Families.

Hazel Patterson
Hazel is an artist and former special needs teacher. Hazel runs an art project with recovering drug and alcohol addicts at the Christian Family Centre in Armoy.