What We Do

Family Spectrum provides training and pastoral care on a wide range of issues that may arise within couples, families, churches and the community.


Marriage preparation and marriage enrichment become more important as our culture loses a Christian understanding of
marriage and family life. Mixed faith marriages and marriage to someone who is not a Christian often brings particular
stresses. See also, Causeway Marriage and Family Network on Facebook.

Human Sexuality
Our culture is increasingly unclear about the nature of feminity and masculinity and believes that we create these ideas
for ourselves. The church is under pressure to follow society in how it responds to issues of sexual orientation,
promiscuity and pornography including internet pornography, and it can be difficult to show compassion and patience
towards those who struggle in these areas.
Distrupted Families
More families are experiencing difficulties as a result of addictions, unfaithfulness and domestic violence. Separation,
divorce and remarriage are affecting many homes leading to reconstituted families with the extra issues of rebuilding after
hurt and dissapointment.
To be able to nurture, discipline and envision our children is a concern to all caring parents. Some families are able to
offer themselves as a resource for fostering or adoption. Yet there are the special concerns arising in step-parenting and
in being a single parent.
Child Abuse
We are all now aware of the prevalence of child sexual, physical and emotional abuse and the need for youth leader training
in safe practice. We provide pastoral training in relation to ministry to adults who were abused as children. We help local churches who are
increasingly facing the issues of managing and helping sex offenders who come to participate. Policies and procedures should recognise and respond to all aspects of the problem.
Abortion Recovery
We participate in abortion recovery work in harness with Causeway Pregnancy Crisis Initiative. This group of volunteers offers one-to-one support for post-abortive women, and a group Bible study based recovery course, called Surrendering the Secret, which facilitates sharing and healing. Some of the team involved are themselves post-abortive women and know well the issues this raises for many women.
Training Resources
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