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“Fit for Purpose? – the Church Dealing with Child Sexual Abuse”
– Church leaders are increasingly expected to comply with legal requirements and government
guidelines that address the issue of child sexual abuse. This book, however, seeks to address the
full range of complex issues from a thoroughly Biblical understanding of the dynamics of child sexual abuse.
It explores how the Gospel specifically applies to the perpetrator, the victim and those entangled through
family or friendship ties with either the perpetrator or victim of abuse. It examines the responsibilities of
leaders in addressing and managing the issues in a local congregation, and asks whether our churches and
fellowships are really Fit for Purpose? There is also much material which is of help to those who have been
abused and to those who seek to help them.
Copies of this book can be ordered by writing to Family Spectrum Ltd, 142 Ballycastle Road, Coleraine,
Northern Ireland, BT52 2DZ at a price of £9.99 plus 91p post and package, a total of £10.90 per copy. Alternatively the book may be purchased from Amazon.
Presentation about Family Spectrum
This PowerPoint presentation contains lots of information about who we are and what we do.
Cost: £free
Management of Child Sex Abuse Offenders in a congregation DVD
This training DVD includes teaching and small group work with church leaders regarding the management of child sex abuse
offenders in a church congregation.
Cost: £4.00
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Grace for the sex offender (Parts 1 & 2)
Recorded at New Horizon 2006
Cost: CD – £6, DVD – £6
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